Friday, October 18, 2013

Guilt Free Desert!

   My secret to dieting is... I only eat my favorite things.  Granted they are (mostly) not the same favorite things that got me fluffy but they are equally satisfying.  Being clueless about dieting like I mentioned in my previous post I had to read a book-ok books.  If you know me you know I love books and I love to do research about subjects that interest me.  Sometimes I make my own head spin.  

   So, I read a lot of recipes, tried some, then I came up with variations that worked for me.  One of my favorites came from trying to create my own yummy FLIP desert yogurt.  Anyway I like deserts that are rich, creamy, and chocolaty or either fruity and light.  This is my combination of the two.  

Delightfully Decadent   

1/3c fat free cottage cheese topped with:

3 tbsp or so of Pina Colada light yogurt
5 Emerald Dark Chocolate almonds
fresh pineapple bits (when I have it)
banana pieces
organic shredded coconut 

Red Velvet Yoplait is a good topping too without all the bits and pieces.

This is high protein and if I'm hungry I have extra cottage cheese guilt free because it good for me. 

I tried adding my oat bran to that but it was really gross. 

Pond Scum and Frog eggs for breakfast Next time...

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