Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pond Scum and Frog Eggs for Breakfast

   Starbucks Grand Reopening was this morning at Tiger Point.  And we are so glad they finally did!  It felt like we were living in the boonies again without them.  

   We really lucked out because the Marine Science Station out reach was there.  My girls made adorable Halloween crafts, played some fun games and learned a multitude of new and interesting facts about marine life at the Touch Tank in the parking lot. Best of all was making new friends.  And I didn’t even have my phone to take pictures.  I just love the Gulf Coast as much for the community as for beauty of the seashore.  I even found out what those pretty blue things were that had washed up on the beach a while back.  Eek!  Man of War jelly fish.  Glad I wasn’t in the water that day.  

O.K. so the promised recipe...Great for Halloween! 

Pond Scum and Frog Eggs 

1/3 cup organic oatmeal
1Tb Frog Eggs (black chia seeds)
1 scoop Pond Scum (Amazing Grass Green Superfood powder w/ Goji and Acai berry)
1/4 c greek yogurt  what ever kind I have
1tsp raw wild honey preferably Tupelo 

   Add few tbsp water or other liquid like apple juice to soften oatmeal.  I just let it set a few minutes if I can wait that long and eat it cold.  Sometimes I make it the night before when I know I have to leave early in the morning but only half of it makes it to the fridge because it makes such a good snack!

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